Facebook: Profiles and Pages and Business — Oh My!

Posters Vintage by Camila Leite Oliveira
Posters Vintage, a photo by Camila Leite Oliveira on Flickr.

Wait — I thought Facebook is the site for watching cute cat videos, reading political rants, and generally having fun. But, you say, it can also be a non-intrusive way to promote a small business? And many Facebook users actually seek out business information there because of how useful and fun it can be?

Let’s look for starters at the difference between a personal Profile and a business Page. To be able to talk with other people and share those cat videos, you must first create a personal Profile. You share a little information about yourself, find some Friends, post your status updates and you’re good to go.

If you have a business, you can create a business Page to communicate with current and potential customers. You don’t say much or anything about yourself here, but rather talk about your products and services. In fact, a Page is the only place you can promote them. If someone tries to use their personal Profile for business purposes, Facebook might delete their account.

A good example of a business Page comes from Zingerman’s, one of the most popular businesses in my town of Ann Arbor, Michigan. If you go to their Page, the first thing you’ll notice is all the scrumptious (and beautifully photographed) pictures of their food. Lots of people comment on their Page about their famous sandwiches. Scroll down and you’ll see announcements for upcoming tastings and events.

If you have a business Page, you’ll want to encourage people to visit regularly. One way Zingerman’s does this is by printing photos of people wearing their t-shirts.

Zingerman’s may want to fix something — if you click on the “Welcome!” box directly below their top photo, you get a “Page Not Found” message. Oops.

If you’d like to see other examples of business Pages, go to the Search bar on the Facebook site (to the right of the Facebook logo at the top) and type in some keywords — shoes, pastries, whatever you’d like to see.

Comments, please:

Do you have a Facebook business Page? If so, tell us about it and please send the link!

How do you think a business Page could help your business?


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