Good Strong Self Esteem

Flower & pot by Vijay Sonar
Flower & pot, a photo by Vijay Sonar on Flickr.

Most of us grapple with self esteem to some degree. During a career search process, your self esteem may take more of a beating, especially if you’re looking for work because you were downsized or laid off.

If your self-esteem is low, how do you get more? How can you feel good about yourself when you don’t feel good about yourself?

Self esteem comes naturally and without effort as you develop the ability to see yourself clearly. At your core, you are wise, powerful, and in possession of many talents. At your core, you know you’re ok. More than ok. This is still true even if it doesn’t feel true. Bringing this to mind builds your self esteem.

If you don’t feel very wise, powerful or talented at the moment, think about all the amazing things your body and mind know how to do. Something within you knows how to heal up a cut on your hand. You knew how to crawl and learn language when you were a baby. You keep your body going by breathing, digesting your food, and growing your toenails without even thinking about it. That very brain of yours that can drive you crazy worrying about your work situation also brings you pleasure by processing information and instructions at the speed of light. How could you do anything except admire this person?

Your body, mind and spirit are very capable of figuring out a career path for you that will let you love your work, pay your bills and bring you meaning. Trust yourself. Trust your wisdom. Trust your creativity.

If you want to do something concrete to build your self esteem, get out your paper and pen (or get on your keyboard). Here are a few things you can write about that are guaranteed to make you feel better about yourself. If these ideas seem trite to you, too bad! Do this exercise anyway!

  1. Make a list of at least ten things you’re grateful for. Ideally, fill up the page with these things.
  2. Fill up a page writing about the amazing things your body and brain automatically do without your trying.
  3. Write about some kind and generous things you’ve done.
  4. List at least 20 things you’re good at doing.
  5. Write out what your family and friends would say if asked what your best qualities are.

Please share with us in the “Comments” section about what effects these writing exercises have on your self esteem!


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