Unemployment, the Economy, and Work You Love

HOPE by DieselDemon
HOPE, a photo by DieselDemon on Flickr.

With 7.9% unemployment nationally in early November, this is a tough time to be looking for work you love.

Even during the best economic times, the search for your vocation challenges you emotionally. It requires you to mend holes in your self-confidence. You have to keep stirring up energy when you’re tired and want to relax.

But if you’ve lost your job you may need to take whatever work you can find. You’re scared. You come to feel that you must settle and will not be able to move into your true career after all.

So let’s clarify something: claiming your career usually happens in stages.

Do you believe that people jump from no work or boring work to something ideal? Let go of this belief and the pressure it puts on you. Instead, keep clarifying what you want. The clearer you are, the more you’re able to look for a job with at least some of the things you want.

Once you’re in that job, see if you can build on the parts you like to create something that’s closer to your best fit. You’ll find tasks that you not only do well but also make you shine because of how much you enjoy them. Take every opportunity to practice these skills.

Think about what your organization needs and then demonstrate how your talents can solve its problems and increase its productivity. Jobs can be surprisingly flexible. Point out to your boss how you can help the company more by moving into what you love to do. You’ll probably be able do so.

Each step you take to improve that survival job makes you realize that you really can create the career you want. Each step gives you valuable experience. Each step shows you that you’re really not at the mercy of outside events. Even in this economy you can still have work you love.


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