How Not to Write a LinkedIn Profile

Are you familiar with LinkedIn? If not, you’ll want to find out about this
online professional networking site.

Employers and recruiters routinely use LinkedIn to find good job candidates. A survey done earlier this year showed that 93% of recruiters use LinkedIn to find potential employees.

Some of the things you can do on LinkedIn are:

•Showcase recommendations from people familiar with your work
•Post a resume and other work-related information
•Apply for jobs
•Create a network of your work-related contacts
•Join professional groups
•Demonstrate your expertise

Although LinkedIn is often considered a social networking site, it’s not a place to share casual photos or information about the party you went to the other night.

Unless, that is, you want to alienate potential employers.

Since this is such a powerful tool for sharing information about yourself, it’s good to consider how to write about work skills. Or perhaps how not to write.

LinkedIn recently released the results of a study it did on its 187,000,000 members to create a list of the most overused, tired buzzwords of 2012.

When employers and recruiters see these words on your profile, they can lose interest in you immediately. They could peg you as too lazy or indifferent to think up fresh and meaningful ways to describe yourself.

Go check your LinkedIn profile (and your resume) to make sure it doesn’t contain any of these words. They’re arranged in order of how overused they are:

extensive experience
track record
problem solving

If writing doesn’t come easily to you, hire a professional writer to create a profile that shows you in your best light. It’s that important.

Be creative and innovative. You’re responsible for producing an effective and dynamic profile. Be motivated to draw on your extensive communication experience. Use your best analytical problem solving skills to highlight your organizational track record.

On second thought, let’s scratch that last paragraph.


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