I’m Not Sure What Kind of Work I Want To Do….Part 2

Pam’s story continues (see last post) as she thinks about the work she’d really like to do. She’s on the road now. She just needs to give herself permission to go after what she wants.

The next idea she comes up with is to move into bookkeeping.

“I think I could do that,” she says. Problem is, it feels a lot like medical billing. She’d continue to work at home alone, which was lonely for her. She’d still be working with data, which was boring.

And worst of all, she’d still be tied to a computer all day.

“But I think I’d be good at it. It wouldn’t take a whole lot to move over into bookkeeping. I wouldn’t need a lot of new training for it. And at least it’d be different than billing.”

She pursues this possibility for a couple of months. All the while, her coach keeps asking her:

“If you really had permission to do whatever you want, what would you do?”

Something clicks one day and Pam goes into see her coach, all excited.

“You know, I’d like to go into sales. If I could really do whatever I wanted, that’s what I’d do. I’ve always wanted to do this, actually. It’s just that I never thought I’d be good enough to make a living working on commission.”

At this point, everything starts falling into place. She feels motivated for the first time to write out her goals and objectives. She quickly comes up with a realistic plan.

“I may not have sales experience, but I’m good with people. Actually, I’ve had to do a lot of selling with the billing business.

“Since I know billing inside and out, I could go to work selling billing software. I could start out there and once I’ve been doing it for a year, I can branch out into a different area where I’d make more money.”

Now Pam is excited about her career path. Even though she’s making quite a switch to go from medical billing to sales, she has a clear and workable plan.

There is no doubt that Pam will be able to start a new career in sales. Her belief that she really has permission to do something different is the foundation for this change.

If you haven’t done so yet, give yourself permission to go after what you really want. Even though the economy is in bad shape, do it anyway.

Do it even if you don’t have work experience in your new chosen field. You probably have tons of informal experience.

It may take you a while to make the shift, but knowing that you’re moving in a good direction will keep you going.

Take the risk. Believe what your heart is telling you. You have permission.


2 thoughts on “I’m Not Sure What Kind of Work I Want To Do….Part 2

  1. Patrick McFadden

    I always tell my clients that, “85% of the process of having confidence of proper direction comes from
    looking inward first. The more you can know about yourself, the more confidence you can have in moving forward.
    Responding to only external circumstances leaves one very vulnerable.”

  2. Jacki Dilley Post author

    Getting to know ourselves deeply is the key. Whenever I’ve gone through an important transition I’ve found that doing so made me feel much more grounded.

    If looking inward is 85% of proper direction, what’s the other 15%?


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