Do you want more from your career?
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Is something telling you that you should be in another job?

Perhaps the one you have now hasn’t felt right for quite some time. You might not hate it. But it’s hard to spend so much time at something that’s just ok.

Or maybe you do hate it. Maybe it’s even affecting your health.

But the whole idea of getting a new job is a tad overwhelming. Especially if it involves a new field. Especially when the economy is so bad.

But you have talents and skills and interests that you want to live out. In a different job, or in another line of work, you could shine. And you know this.

I think you should go for it.

As a clinical social worker for over 20 years, I’ve talked to lots of people about their jobs. One thing I can tell you for sure is that people underestimate how much they have going for them.

We underestimate how good we are at things we take for granted because they come so easily to us. We underestimate how valuable our abilities are in the marketplace.

So let’s talk. When you read the articles in my blog, please comment and talk about your own experiences. As you write and read other people’s comments, you’ll figure things out.

Maybe you’d like to have a more in-depth conversation. If so, I’d be glad to talk with you about my coaching services.

I support you wherever you are in the process of living out all you have to offer. My hope is that this blog can be a place where together we see our strengths more clearly.



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